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After researching the forum, I found a comment from CX.

My tile is 12" x 24" for the floor so this caught my attention. My floor MUST be within these guidelines.

"The requirement for tiles with any side longer than 15 inches is no deviation from intended plane of more than 1/8th-inch in ten feet nor 1/16th-inch in two feet. A mortar bed (deck mud) and SLC are about the only ways to reasonably achieve that flatness and will also allow you to more precisely set the finished level."

What is SLC? Self-Leveling Concrete?

What is bonding?

Will the new concrete need a membrane on the floor? Will the new concrete stick to the old? The original floor was concrete, thinset, and tile, but that was somewhere between 1966 and 1985. Things have changed since then.
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