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Run the long edge across the joists.

Not all OSB panels are created equal, but I've had good luck with Advantec. The only issue is, some thinsets don't like to stick to some of them, but I've not found that to be an issue with Advantec. Considering the fleece on the Ditra only requires a minimum of 50psi, and often achieves 75+, and most any A118.11 thinset should provide at least that, it works. One thing with Advantec is that it is very heavy and you need to be careful about what screws you choose as it is also very dense, and some just don't like to go through it, self-drilling or not. FWIW, Advantec is about 10% stiffer than your typical ply subflooring.

While you have the planks off, double-check all of the joists for being in plane. Fixing that prior to adding the new subflooring is going to be well worth the time and effort as your tile installation becomes much easier when you have a really flat surface.

You will probably need to add some blocking for any walls and the board ends so they aren't just flapping in the breeze. If you have access from below, best to do that prior to cutting out the boards.
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