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WOW. Fantastic, knowledge filled reply. More than I expected or could ask for, THANK YOU KIND SIR!

If I'm understanding correctly, it sounds like adding 5/8" over the diagonal, non T&G "might" (most likely will) be ok but is not to written standards. Cutting the old planks out and adding 3/4" ply WILL meet written standards and be a slightly safer option.... Given my height issues with the section I am working on, it sounds like 3/4" ply over the 2x6 joists, 12" on center, with a span no longer than 5 feet (I'm running a support beam mid-10 foot span for support) will be a "sure thing" and will also solve my height issues. Did I get all that correct?

Next.... Any preference of ply maker or rating? I did read your minimum requirements above but wondering if there is a "gold standard" or preferred ply to put down or just grab anything from Home Depot that matches those standards? Do I run the long side of the ply across the joists or with the joists?

Can I place the Schluter Ditra directly on this 3/4" ply layer or would it be better to add another 1/2" ply on top? Will likely be using 12x12 ceramic of some sort. Natural stone will be unlikely in this kitchen. Thanks again!
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