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Subfloor- old planks vs new ply? What type of ply?

Hi guys,

This house is from the 1950s and has plank subfloor with about 3/16-1/4" between the not T&G. Looks to be about 3/4" thick by 6-8" widths, run diagonally.

Is modern plywood stronger than the old planks or is it the other way around? I'm wondering if I should add 1/2" plywood over the planks, or remove the planks and add a 3/4" and then 1/2" layer of plywood?

If I do use plywood, what type should I use? Something I can get at a big box?

My ultimate plan is support the undersized floor joists from below with a mid-span beam in the basement so the 2x6's only have to span 5'. Then subfloor as mentioned above, followed by Schluter Ditra and 8x8 or 12x12 ceramic tiles. Thanks!
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