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Visionwall caters more towards commercial buildings that are sheathed in glass, but they can work in residential situations.

I don't know if they still make them, but they did have a series that was configured similar to those more common in Europe...the handle turned 90-degrees allowed the whole window from the top to tilt in for ventilation, but the way it was done, unless it was really windy, wouldn't leak in a rainstorm, so that was neat. I had windows configured like that when I lived in Germany and really liked them. From the closed position, if you turned that same handle 180-degrees, it would open like a door so that made cleaning them a piece of cake.

They do have sliders that can be configured up to 13' tall.

You'd have to call or request some literature to find out their full line. I think they originated in Switzerland but have been in the NA market for probably 25-years or so.
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