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Beginning to sound like the first project after purchase of the makethatkerdistick Manor should have been replacement of the house, Wolfgang.

When you speak of "picture windows," I'm assuming you mean fixed glass units, yes?

Mulling fiberglass frames, unless you are prepared to create matching fiberglass mullions, would, in my limited world of resources, seem limited to wood or steel framing that would then be flashed and trimmed as necessary. Your quest to limit heat transfer would rule out the steel, so I couldn't offer you any clever suggestions better than your planned wood mullion. Not perfect, but better than average, and an easily available material that's easy to work with.

I know a place in San Antonio that could mill them from medium density polyethylene, but then you have the problems of fastening and I don't even know the solid plastic would be significantly higher in R value than the softwood. Actually, I don't even know it's not lower.

I recognize that you're aiming for the absolute technical best you can achieve here, but I think you gotta consider the practical limitations as well.

I believe you're familiar with the customary charge for all that, eh?

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