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Thank you for the advice. I performed new leak tests and had no leaks. I now have the cement board(Hardibacker) walls up.

My next question has to do with glass block. I would like to tile both the curb and walls before putting up the glass block. Does anyone have any experience with laying glass block against a tiled wall and tiled curb?

I have two glass block walls held on two sides which are 32" and 22" in length. I was thinking of using the Pittsburgh corning Mortar II system and their recomendation was the following:

On curb:

1. Coat curb with weld-bond.
2. anchor a strap to the curb
3. lay block and motar.

My problem here is that I don't want to penetrate the liner that I spent such a long time putting in with the anchor strap. Does one really need to penetrate the curb since it is already anchored to the floor? Will the block slide off without this extra anchor?

On Wall:

1. Use expansion stips
2. Anchor straps every second row
3. No mortar between block and tile
4. Caulk edge between block and tile when done.

Any comments?

As another suggestion, Pittsburg suggested the ProVantage II system which is a silicone only system which doesn't require penetrating the curb.

I'm looking forward to getting this job done and look forward to any responses.

Bryan Z.
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