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Hi Paula -

Generally sealers are applied after stone is set, grouted and cured. Often a type of sealer called a "grout release" is applied to textured stone prior to grouting as it aids in the clean-up of grout and can also help prevent staining from the color pigments in the grout during the grouting process. Many tile setters often use their regular sealer as a grout release while others use products designed specifically for use as a grout release.
The polished stone probably could be grouted without using a grout release but if the accent tiles are textured you may want to do those.
Enhancer Pro can be used pre grout but let it cure for 36 hours at least (72 is better) before grouting.
You may want to enhance around the one tile you already did.... it could wind up darker than the others as it would have one more coat than the rest.....
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