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Hi Phil,
I mostly use 6 mil poly behind my wire, in certain instances depending on trim options available for the job I’ll mud flush with the drywall in a method Davy shows in other posts. I’ll run my poly long and screed off the drywall gently. A lot of times the drywall is loose on the edge and you can shim behind it to bring it closer to plumb. And doesn’t affect anything to run it slightly out of plumb (3/16ths max in 8’) is my unofficial rule to not ruin the glass door guys day.

When I do a normal mud job and the mud is thicker than the drywall, I run my float perfectly plumb, and cap the sides with bullnose scribed to the drywall. Even really bad drywall still looks pretty clean when you scribe your bullnose caps to it.... BUT if it’s more than 1/4” change or so I always bring the homeowner in on the plan. I find keeping the homeowner/contractor in on things of that nature has always served me for the better. Forging ahead with no one knowing the plan is the real issue I see that causes misunderstandings later.
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