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I’ll echo Davy and say it’s always good to add mud to the wall as long as your sticks are still set, once you pull them though... you are basically saying I’m in the finishing stages and will just be patching quarter size spots that bother you, definitely not screeding anymore.

You’ll know the mud is ready by touch, when you can lightly touch the wall and not leave a deep imprint/no imprint it’s time to think about pulling them. I think timing everything is the biggest hurdle to learning mud, especially your first time because you have no “feel” to it yet. After one time though you’ll know exactly what we are taking about on different stages of the mud. There’s ideal times to do certain tasks because they will just be effortless during those times. Kinda like grouting, you wouldn’t wash it right after your smear it (on a normal non-premixed grout) because washing out would happen, wait too long and you’re scrubbing grout off the tile.... mudding is like that. Once you learn those peak times to cut the mud, pull the sticks, rub it down... you might wanna mud another one.... then another... and soon you’d rather mud than tile because it can be WAAY more therapeutic
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