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Thanks guys.

Justin - you got my question right the first time. I didn’t know how long to wait after getting float strips plumb before I could apply pressure and screed off of them to fill in the rest of the walls. If I try to set sticks on 3 walls I’m guessing it’ll be 45 minutes (or more) before I get back to fill in 1st wall.

your filler mud incorporates with the mud already on the wall and not so late that it’s two separate entities
Makes sense. Any guidance on what that window of time might be? My scratch took me *hours*. Say I do final float and it’s like 4-5 hours after I start and I notice low spots. Can I still just fill them in, no problem?

Davy - thanks for jack’s video. Looking at how his mud flowed off the trowel when he was loading up his hawk, mine was too dry. That might be one reason my scratch was so crumbly.

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