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I'll give ya some limited diy with those, we did the whole house but i only did some areas after we moved some stuff and removed some walls.

1/8th, don't do 50% (depending on tile quality they bow), 24" will be forgiving (teeter tottering) and at the same time cheaper. Didn't find those any more difficult than a normal tile seemed easier even, longer i'd want lippage system and not sure of my ability to make them look right.

My wife originally brought home some 4 or 5 foot rectified monsters.

But we didn't want to gut the entire house to determine condition and needed it done asap (with the 24's it was in and out.), In hindsight and i think they look awesome for what we got in them, leveling and less than 1/8 would be ideal and longer planks, but the cost and time go up considerably (especially if not diy), but if the house value justifies it...

One advantage to the 1/8 though, real fast to repair areas as we do everything half !@!@ backwards, i've moved walls and cabinets and patched since, imperceptible.
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