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Filling the seam isn't really going to help much, if at all. You could have some minor movements that would pull the sealant apart from either surface, rendering it useless.

This would be completely unsanctioned by the manufacturers of either product, but here's what I would do if I found myself in your situation and didn't want to backtrack.

I'd run Kerdi across the entire tray and up the walls 2-3". Then I'd hit the seam on the wall with Kerdi-fix to seal it off. I haven't worked with GoBoard and can't tell you that Kerdi would definitely seal it off, but between the band up the walls and the Kerdi-fix, that might be your best shot.

Then I'd let it dry for a couple of days and flood test it, since you're definitely in uncharted waters. Better to find out now whether it'll work, than after you've put tile up.

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