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So, Spreading the grout was fairly straighforward. The second I started spreading it though, I realized that pre-sealing the tile would have been a good idea. I'd put it on and it was nice and creamy but then when I would go to squeegy it off it was already pretty hard to scape the excess off with the float. Since this was a 3 sq ft sample board, were talking about a matter of seconds. I'll have to try again with some sealer.

I was trying to imagine I'd spread more like 5-10 sq ft so I let it sit for about 2 min and started washing. Again some sealer would probably help. It had already gotten pretty difficult to wash. I had to use a scrub pad, then follow up diagonally with a sponge. That didn't quite get it all off, so I had to just keep the areas still on the tile damp and scrub scrub with the sponge, right up to the edge of the tile being carefull not to touch the joints.

I wasn't really happy with the joints, they were about as full as I wanted them to be, but look kind of over washed, maybe you can tell from the pics. Definately going to try again but seal the marble first. As far as scratches, I'm pretty sure I didn't scratch the marble with the Fusion pro grout, This marble comes from lowes and they're nice enough to sell it pre-scratched, so Its hard to say.

While looking it over, some balsamic vinegarette dressing from my sub landed right on a grout joint. I just took the wet sponge and wiped it off, and so far theres no indication that it happened at all.
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