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Kerdi Shower Tray or Mortar Bed

I am in the process of remolding our shower and have decided to go with the Kerdi System. Having problems deciding on installing the tray or not because of the location of the shower drain. The shower floor is 32 x 46, the drain is in the center of the 32 inch direction but off centered in the 46 inch direction. Center of drain is 19 inches to one wall and 26 inches to the other wall in the 46 inch direction. My guess is the drain is in this location because of the floor joists. I understand that Kerdi recommends cutting equal amounts on all 4 sides but the only problem in cutting more on the one side than the other, to fit the off centered drain, is the height of the tray along the walls. I figured the top of the tray could be as much as 1/4" off which will show in my grout joint or require the first row of tile above the tray to be cut to fit.
I like the tray to support the Kerdi drain but I can do a pre-slope if necessary. Was planning on using your Deck Mud mix.
What do you think? If I use the Deck Mud mix, is there any aggreate in it, how is the drain flange supported? Thnaks.
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