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4. There is misunderstanding there. The only negative about OSB in tile work is bonding to it. Perfectly acceptable to install a mortar bed over it with a cleavage membrane and expanded metal lath.

But were that my project, I'd patch the holes in the OSB subfloor and install a second layer of half-inch plywood over the entire area that will be tiled.

4a through 9. I would not even install the drain or consider placing the shower floor or curb until the walls (and ceiling?) were tiled and probably grouted with the exception of the bottom row, or rows depending upon tile size.

I'm not familiar with the MAPEI mortars available at the home centers, but I'd find a decent modified one and use it for the entire project. That would eliminate a Schluter warranty, but I wouldn't expect that to apply in any case.

My opinion; worth price charged.

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