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I’m more concerned about expansion and contraction of the 2x6 “on edge” vs. the same overall curb dimension if it was made with flat stacks of 2x. The Hardibacker will insulate the brittle tile on top of it from a certain amount of wood movement below it, but I’m concerned that the movement will be beyond its limit.

Wood is hygroscopic and will forever expand and contract with changes to its relative moisture environment. It expands and contracts at a rate twice tangentially around the growth rings vs. from the pith of the tree outward. So, most (sans what most folks call quarter-sawn or rift-sawn lumber) 2x will expand and contract in the direction of its width by twice that of its thickness. So, if you wanted a taller curb, I’d prefer flat stacks of 2x or plywood...or better yet masonry or foam.

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