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Moving toilet

Newbie here and have already learned a lot by reading. In the middle of my first bath remodel and have ran into needing to move the toilet over a couple of inches. I’ve purchased an Oatey offset flange with stainless steel ring.

I’m really into trying to do things the right way so I want to have the flange sit on top of the finished floor. The problem I’m running into is needing to add concrete around the toilet drain so that the flange screws have something to bite into.

I’ve chipped out some concrete on the right side to allow for the flange. The top of the pipe in the pic is the female end of the old flange sitting over the 3 inch pipe. I plan on cutting this away to install the new flange. My question is how do I make sure that I have clearance to fit the irregular shape of the offset and get the concrete filled in while making sure that I’m reaching finished floor height? I don’t want to set the flange and concrete around it only to have it end up too high. Thanks for the help!
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