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'Fantasy' Rob.

You know what? John invited MB here many times to participate or just stop in and visit. His requests went unanswered as far as I know.

John among others commented professionaly on MB's board and was shot down.

DIY'ers would ask questions on MB's board and were told to go away if they weren't professional tile people.

My rude can't even begin to compare to MB's rude. The guy is a "kept man", kept by his sponsors. That is/was obvious in his comments on his now defunct website forum as well as throughout his book. The guy is in bed with a few people that pay his bills and is less than honest about it.

It wouldn't have hurt the guy to show his face here and give John Bridge a polite thank you but no thank you. Did he even show John that courtesy? Hell no he didn't. The guy is arrogant.

Then there's the other stories about the guy from a few years back. Even some of his prestigious claims are falsehoods to feed his own ego.

Suddenly along comes the "Rump Ranger" to defend the guys (MB's) actions and criticize me because I call a spade a spade. No one lends any validity to annonymous comments. If the Rump Ranger wants to be heard and to be considered credible in his defense of that balloon head then let him identify himself and quit hiding behind a stupid username.

There, I think I've got it off my chest now, shall we get back to John's Mud Course? If MB has anything to offer then I'm sure he's welcome to chime in.

Oh and one more thing....MB, Rump Ranger, or anyone else....I'm in the book should you care to discuss this a little more privately.

We return you now to your regularly scheduled mud course.
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