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Thanks for the answers guys, very helpful. Frosted glass, yes. I am planning to use this between the stacked W/D. The aesthetic concern was that I was planning on balancing the visual weight of the stacked W/D with the framing of the shower but if the dividing wall is simply a pane of glass meeting the glass shower door at the corner (with no framing) I'm thinking it might appear unbalanced. Maybe I can visually balance the visual weight of the W/D by mirroring the two shower curbs with matching upside down "curbs" on the ceiling above the two glass portions of the shower. The room is a simple rectangle 60" wide by 9 feet long and the shower and stacked W/D consume the entire end of the room.

The only part of this discussion I'm not completely clear on is the glass "bumpers". The photos show the bumpers perpendicular to the pane. Are these trimmed flush with the pane once the silicone caulk has set up? Or, could I caulk under the pane of glass leaving a small gap near each bumper and then completely remove the bumpers once the caulk has set? Then caulk the gaps where the bumpers were, followed by a finish caulk joint on either side of the pane?

I'm not trying to but I don't feel like I'm understanding completely.
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