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Well ok, guess it makes sense for the shower - I might be doing a floor as well that was what I was referring to guess I should have been more clear…

So turns out I hired a guy to do the shower and i will be doing the demo and plumbing. So I started tonight and found there is a vent pipe in the wall, not sure if this is the right place to post plumbing questions related to the shower so let me know..

Part of the vent pipe is Copper and has a bit of corrosion with pin holes in it, my plan is to cut it out towards the top where it is clean and extend the pvc but do I have a bigger problem here or is it just because that pipe is from 1968ish and the gasses have just corroded it over time and expected.

The other thing is I am trying to wrap my head around how to frame this for the kerdi and plumbing, the vent pipe is complicating it…any ideas are welcome…
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