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Mark's Shower


I was all set to use kerdi then came across Issac’s videos on a few failures and now I am freaking out. I get that anything can fail if not installed properly but wondering if his examples are outliers and I can’t tell if he is just against the suff or what.

I am not a tile professional but have remodeled several houses having built post and beam porches, full kitchen remodels ect. I also am a woodworker - guess point being I am handy!

I have done tile on floors but never walls or shower, I have somewhat looked at the different methods but settled on the Schuleter system.

Maybe I need to start a new thread but i will be converting a tub with insert to walk in shower and my plan was to use kerdi board on the walls, although appears to be more expensive than applying the membrane to drywall it also looks like it requires less skill plus I will be down to the studs.

I was planning on using the kerdi pan with the circular drain as well and kerdi curb with a solid slab of Carrara on top. A few of the worries is the foam board being to soft where it sinks below the drain overtime, 1/2” kerdi directly on studs not being stiff enough and no weep holes in the drain. I will be using 12”x24” porcelain on the walls and 2” Carrara hex mosaic on the floor

Anyways after watching Issak’s vids not feeling the warm an fuzzies…

Any input appreciated, thanks in advanced! Mark
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