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Order of Events for Leveling Floor

Hi Guys,

I'm working on remodeling my laundry room which previously had carpeting in there. The subfloor is plywood over joists over a crawlspace. Room is approximately 5' wide and 15' long.

Width-wise towards the back of the room, it looks like the concrete stem walls below settled quite a bit. So over the 5', there is about a 3/4" difference. That difference starts to level out as you come to the front of the room to where its pretty much level.

Since I'm putting a washer/dryer back there, I want to try to get it a bit more level before I put tile down. I want to make sure I got my order what I do proper.

I was planning on putting down 1/4" Durock with thinset underneath and screwing down per standard recommendations. Once that was down, I was going to work on leveling the back by putting down a self-leveling underlaying. I called Mapei and they recommended their Ultraplan Easy product since it can go from a feather edge (on the level side) to up to 2" on the bad side.

Once the floor was level and proper, I would do a standard thinset and tile.

Does this sound like the right order? I dont think I want to level the floor first as then the cement board screws would crack the self-leveling.

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