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drypack-building out from an off-center 32x60?

Hi John,

In the traditional centered shower floors, I understand that the Kerdi ST has to be centered exactly and built out evenly on all sides.

I'm finding that because of the location of our joists (remodel), we're needing to use a 32x60 *offcenter* ST and build it out to our 40x69. Should I still move the 69" length to center the extra 9" evenly between both ends, or should I position it flush up against the 32" side that's close to the drain (where we had our tub before) and just build the entire extra 9" out on the other end, keeping 1/4"per1' grade in mind? I'll be centering the 32" and building out 4" on each side of that for that dimension.

I hope that's clear--if it's not, please feel free to ask me to make it so, and if it's been answered already, if you could point me in the direction of the answer, I'd appreciate it. Thanks very much!
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