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Where to purchase Kerdi in Houston Area

I just downloaded you ebook and ordered the Tile Your World book. I have an old shower that was made with Greenboard and an acrylic shower pan. The tiles are all but falling off the walls.

My initail plan was to put in my own liner and mud job for the pan (never done it before but, I'm very handy [see my Fireplace job a few years ago]). Then I would take down the 1/2" drywall and replace it with 1/2" backer board.

But after looking briefly at the Kerdi system I may go that route. Is the Kerdi hands down better than backer board? I didnt realize that even the backer board needed a liner or waterproofing.

Where in the Houston area can an average Joe purchase the Kerdi material. And what are the typical cost?

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