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First, Dan, I re-read my last post and I didn't mean to imply that your advice is bad.

I'll check the joists more carefully tonight but that cracked joist is in pretty rough shape. It may be twisted or cupped and the cracked portion is jutting out the sides. I'm afraid if I try to do anything big to it it's going to deteriorate a lot more. Over toward the sill, it's got a longitudinal crack and the side facing out from the sister is convex so I had to plane it down a bit to attach blocking. The other joists look pristine in comparison. Either the cracked one is original and all the others in that area were replaced more recently or it was the one at the top of the stack and got the most abuse. The floor planks were nailed to all the joists under a mud bed inset with small pink tile and I see a strap mark in the middle of the cracked joist so it's probably a bum piece of lumber. I'll try to take a panoramic shot to show the whole thing.
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