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I'll go back and check how big the gaps actually are. Unfortunately, I don't have access to the floor over these joists because there is a wall there. If I did, I would just pull the nails and replace them with screws afterward. I'm also not sure if the boards are nailed to both joists or just one and I don't think I can find out reliably. Hopefully most of the stress will be between the new sister and the old good sister, not the cracked one, and those will be flush.

1). I've been trying to find 2x8x12 douglas fir for the sisters. No one here stocks douglas fir except home depot and I don't trust their stuff. It can be ordered but most places will only do a whole pallet. Select grade SPF also needs to be ordered. I would rather go through the effort and do it better but is this a complete waste? Place nearby has LVL 2x8x12 in stock, can I use that and would I have to work it differently?

2). I'm morbidly tempted to jack up the joists under the bathroom even a 1/4" just to put some of the strain on the new sisters and keep them from sagging more in the near future (plus straighten the floor a bit). The bathroom walls above were meticulously shimmed, shaved, and reinforced into straighteness. All the gypsum and CBU are already up and finished. Is this a bad idea?
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