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I was suggesting the flat head version of that SPAX 6" x 1/4" fastener, so you could drive it flush, so it wouldn't interfere with the new sister. You could use those and just counterbore them, the head is close to flat so it wouldn't take much counterboring. Same for the GRK.

I'm thinking of 1/4" lag equivalents as in the category of "small fasteners" versus 1/2" or 3/4" through bolts.

If the two joists currently have a noticeable gap between them, and the subfloor above is nailed to both joists, there's no upside to trying to close the gap, and there could be a downside. Instead I suggest adding a filler material at the location of each fastener that is going to penetrate both joists. For gaps 1/16" to 3/16" or so, you could use 1-3 drywall shims. [Although I might ignore a 1/16" gap, and I happen to have 1/8" hardboard lying around, so I'd use that instead of 2 drywall shims.]

Cheers, Wayne
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