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Are these the SPAX ones you were thinking, Wayne? SPAX 1/4 in. x 6 in. Torx Powerlag T-Star Drive Washer Head Yellow Zinc Coated Lag Screw The GRK are only 1/16 bigger, is that a significant problem? The price isn't a big deal since I only need 3 of them. I don't really want to try to skimp on this, I'll throw more money at the problem if it actually helps.

And more numerous smaller diameter fasteners brings me back to the thruloks. Again, expensive but I'll live and the other studs can get lag screws. Small holes, clamp things together, good shear strength. Alternate top and bottom every 12" driven 2" from the edge of the stud? I'll look up exact specs and recommendations on these when I get home tonight.

Question: there's some space between the sisters, maybe around 1/8". The floor boards are nailed to them from above. If I draw everything together, is it going to conflict with those fasteners in some way?
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