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Originally Posted by PC7060
I'll look around in the forum to see if I can find a thread for a tub to shower conversion.
Should be several of 'em I'm guessing since Schluter makes a pre-formed Kerdi shower base in 32"x60" specifically made to convert tub spaces into showers.


Originally Posted by PC7060
No luck finding a Pete1972 or WendyHMN quality thread on 30x60 tub to shower conversions but I'll keep looking.
I think Heidi's shower was a tub conversion. I recall her considering the 32x60 Kerdi tray initially and asking about needing to trim the 32" sides down and extending the 60" side by an inch or two, so hers may be really close to what you're looking at (except her curb is outside the 32" measurement). You could always do a minimal curb of one 2x4 turned on edge to maximize your interior space.

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