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Thanks for the feedback, Pete! The colors are off in the photos but you get the general sense of the color scheme.

Had a minor hickup during the final water test, noted a drip coming from the control valve when the shower was on. After a the initial "oh crap", I found that the new tub spout pipe was dripping at the connection to the valve. Couple quick turns of the wrench and done! Sure glad I have ready access to the valve assembly!

Kids both used the shower last night and liked the niche and the shampoo tray. Me too, the old shower always had bottles falling into the tub.

Originally Posted by Pete1972
I'm jealous.....wish I was finished with mine too.
Funny, I'm jealous of the walk in shower in your bath! It will be cool when your glass is done and the last major milestone (millstone?) is complete.
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