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Alright, guys, got some updates. Been very busy the last couple weeks with work and haven't got to work on this as much as I wanted. So...

I decided to go ahead and do the shower pan one more time a couple weekends ago, which again, I'm glad I did as it still was not solid all the way through; it was better than the first attempt, but not great. I believe this is due to not being able to mix it up fast enough for me to apply it.

So, this time I cheated and used Mapie's 4 to 1 Mud Bed Mix (wife wasn't to keen on the idea of me attempting to do this again... heh) and called in a (stronger) helper than I've had. The texture and consistency of Mapie's 4 to 1 was drastically different than the Sand/Portland mix that I've been making (it was way more powdery(?)). Working with it was much easier and did what I expected it to do better than the other batches I had mixed. It's much harder and more solid after drying.

That said, I don't think I finished the last section quick enough as the top layer didn't harden completely in a small area and there are a few pits, but nothing like my first two batches. What's the recommended approach to filling these pits and low spots before I install the water proofing membrane over the floor?

Thanks for the advise again all.
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