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Attached, are pictures of:
  1. the compacted backfill material and rebar
  2. vapor barrier
  3. concrete fill
  4. an oops fix
  5. first attempt at the deck mud
  6. second attempt at the desk mud (green tape over drain)

In two of the pictures, the piece of wood was used to hold the drain vertical as it was just slightly off.

And, you may have noticed before the "oops fix" picture... I did not properly account for how low the drain flange needed to sit. I had plained to build a box around the drain pipe, but was rushed and forgot. Regarding this and a few other things (not covered here)...I'm really learning to follow my gut and do things how I feel they should be done and not necessarily what will be "easiest" or how others have suggested (not referring to the advice on this forum -- this project originally started with a couple contractors that didn't work out, between not taking measurements and being able to tell me how much tile I would need and not wanting to fully demo areas with some rotten wood, because I dunno why honestly...I decided to do it myself so I know it was done correctly).

The picture of the first attempt at the deck mud is couple days later after I had misted it, but not yet fully dried and the picture of the second attempt it right after I had finished placing it. Unfortunately, I did not take close up pictures of the original attempt, but the parameters of the second attempt was so much better (and easier to make and work off of).

One thing that may not be obvious in the pictures with the deck mud, that I did after placing the concrete, was to "trim" back the end of the floor going back into the bathroom. I went down roughly 1/4" to 1.2" on an angle. I did this to help with the slop from the drain flange going back into the floor. It may not be obvious from the pictures but the drain was not originally centered in the show floor by any means, so this should help make it appear "more centered" than it was.
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