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Eh, I didn't see your reply until several days later CX, I was only emailed about Dan's, which I assume is because they were so close together. Your idea of practicing without the Portland is a great idea, I didn't link about that.

So I attempted it again on Monday, as a couple other projects took longer than I expected on Saturday and Sunday (one of which included removing the old material)...anyways. Pretty certain my original mixture was just way to dry as I suspected. Before attempting it again, I made a very small batch and, essentially, made a "brick" out of it. And the results were way closer to my expectations (and no where near the results of my original attempt).

So with my second go 'round, I attempted to mix with a greater amount of H2O. My first batch ended up a bit too wet, but after that I think I got the mixture down. It was much easier to work with this time as it would compact/compress without just acting like dry sand and falling apart, essentially.

Unfortunately, I do think I took too long working with it and some areas dried out too much so it's not solid and has loose materials in areas. I think this is partially due, not only to my inexperience, but just not able to mix up each batch fast enough to get it in there and work with it.

Curious, if I removed the loose material and made a fresh batch to replace any of this, if it would stick together? I was planning to try it with my "test brick" just to see either way.

I've been meaning to post pictures, I'll do that next.
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