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Help!! New Porcelain Tile with Haze

My wife and I had someone help with our 300sq ft kitchen with grey porcelain matte tile (12x24). After applying the grout and removing the haze we noticed the haze was still there after drying. We didn't notice it much after the 2nd wiped down because they were sanded our ceiling (we had redone our entire ceiling and re-painted along with sand).

After all was completed they tried to remove the haze but its stuck there now. We tried mr clean which was maybe a bad idea, but it still didnt get rid of it. Then we went the route of using Bleach on our tiles on certain areas and it made it worse.

Then we went to Home Depot and bought 511 Sealer & Enhancement and tried it on a tile off to the side and it works well. It kept it shining and could not see the haze anymore. However after reading some more around the threads, I found out that I should not be using it.

So now my questions is:
1) How to remove the extra haze (we cleaned it almost 4 times around already)

2) Has the bleach ate through the tiles because its a little white? We tried sanding it and it helped but did not want to go that route.

3) When using the 511 sealer it works great, I like the dark wet color however I read it would not stay because this is porcelain tiles. Is there a way to give it the wet look (also with wet look, we will not see the haze, or the white streak that is probably left from the bleach as well).

Thanks and sorry for the long story. Let me know if you need any more details. Also the haze has been there for over 4 days already and we are all out of ideas.

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