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Another alternative would be to cut the CI pipe off some, then use a no-hub connector to attach a short ABS riser to it, and then glue your new drain onto it. Whether that's an option would depend on how tall the existing riser is. Or, if there's a hub below, use the donut, an abs riser, and glue on your new drain. The donut gives you a little leeway about getting the drain perfectly level if the current riser is not perfectly plumb. To remove a pipe from a hub, you normally would drill out the lead making it sort of like Swiss cheese, then you should be able to rock the pipe back and forth, and pull it out. Clean up the hub with a wire brush, insert the donut and go.

But, since you may not know the condition of the p-trap underneath, it can make some sense to tear it out and replace while you're replacing the shower. CI can last eons, but under some situations, it could be corroded nearly through.
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