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ABS Shower Drain on Cast Iron Drain Pipe

Hi All,

I've been referencing these forums for years for DIY projects in my home and you guys got me through my last bathroom remodel with ease. I've finally had to make an account because I have run into an issue which I'm not 100% clear on.

I'm in the process of remodeling a bathroom and I've completed the tear out. The old shower was a mud bed with a hot mop and I'm down to the concrete sub floor. Today I started the process of removing the old shower drain to install a new three piece drain and discovered that whoever last remodeled this shower glued a three piece ABS shower drain assembly directly onto the cast iron drain pipe. This seems to have held up fine for many years (I've owned the home for 8 years and this was done long before that). However, to my knowledge that is a no-go.

I just want to make sure I'm not missing anything or an easier way to accomplish this because going forward I'm under the impression that I need to cut the concrete and dig down beyond the P-Trap and use a mechanical coupler to tie a new ABS drain pipe into the old cast iron (with a new ABS P-Trap and drain pipe coming up vertically that I will glue to three piece drain into.

I have attached a picture for reference. Please ignore the holes in the drain assembly, my inside pipe cutter was not big enough to cut the collar off of the drain so I was in the process of drilling the old drain assembly out until I realized I was dealing with cast iron below.

Any insight is greatly appreciated.
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