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Ready for flood test (I think). There are some minor issues with my Kerdi install, but I think they're acceptable. The outside corners were a major pain. No matter what I did they pulled up where they had been creased to lay flat for packaging. I had to rig up blocking to press against these areas while the thinset cured.

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I had one area where the edge pulled up slightly on the floor. I don't think it's a problem.

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On the inside of the curb the Kerdi outside corner wrinkled a bit at the bottom. This happened after squeezing out the thinset so it's loose. There's an inside corner behind it so I think it's okay.

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I did the floor in one piece and then wrapped another piece over the curb and over the floor, not realizing that having to do the corner pieces would give me 4 layers of kerdi on the floor at the inside corner of the curb. I plan to skim coat with thinset before laying tile to smooth out the transition.

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On the top edge of the tub, which will be in the shower, I used a finished edge of the CBU to give it a bit of a downslope into the shower. This also gave it a radius on the edge. When doing the Kerdi outside corner it stayed mostly square so there's a gap (filled with thinset). This edge is opposite the shower head so it will see a lot of water. I think I'll just dab some Kerdi fix pooky in the corner.

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