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I just don't get it. I'm almost done with the Kerdi install but I keep looking up thinset mixing information because my results just don't seem to match what I'm reading. I measure out the water, add the thinset and start mixing with electric motor. For the first 30 seconds it's more lumps than anything else. After about 2 minutes I'm down to an even spread of a few dozen lumps. At 4 minutes I'm still chasing a few small lumps around and finally at 5 minutes I'm down to only a tiny lump or two. I'm probably running the mixer on the fast side but running any slower I still have lumps at 5 minutes. I spend the entire time constantly rubbing the mixer around the side of the pail to mash out the lumps.

Same results on two bags of thinset from two different stores. Dry mix has no lumps in it.

I watched the following video and was like WTF?!? he spins a margin trowel around for 20 seconds and has perfectly smooth thinset?!?
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