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That sounds like a lot of work. Haha. Here's the deal, this is a 3ft x 4ft entryway. The wife asked me if I could tile it since we got a couple boxes of tile from her parents for free. My response was, "Of course, but I'll have to buy a tile saw" (the perfect excuse to go buy something). Anyway, the spot that I hit with thinner is only about 12"x12". Are you saying I have to grind the entire surface or just the area I use the thinner?? My thought was, hit it with trisodium phosphate, hand sand it with 50 grit sandpaper, wipe it clean, lay the tile. If I tell my wife I have to grind the surface and full her livingroom with concrete dust, she'll probably file for divorce. Haha.

Is it worth a try?? Be a pioneer? Worst case, tile comes up and I get to cut more tile with my brand new saw!! Or are you saying, grinding the entire surface is my only hope? I've heard of success with going over cutback with a quality modified thinset. Is this a vicious rumor??

I bought FlexBond, but is Mapei Ultraflex 3 a better choice?
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