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No law that says you can't leave it, but I wouldn't. For a client or myself. The problem is that if water gets on the frame, it's going to find its way past it to interior of wall. Bad, bad, bad. Curtain would be easy way, but kinda hokey in my mind. Couldn't live with it.

I'm assuming brick veneer on wood frame rather than actual brick wall. They make vinyl windows (and aluminum) that mimic the look of old double hungs so it doesn't have to be ugly or even weird. I figured out a way to get it right on a job that never materialized. It would require some good carpentry skills because window jamb is made to opening size in brick. It also has tile running right up to glass, which I've done several of and prefer to vinyl frame, but it's not an off-the-shelf solution.

I'll attach a couple of jpegs of detail I drew. This site will limit the size of attachment so it gets a little hard to read. I could email same to you if you're going to pursue.
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