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Originally Posted by Skyace777
...Plus no lock function (likely for safety)
When you slide the switch forward, press in (towards the body of the tool) on the front half of the switch to engage the “lock-on” position.

Originally Posted by Skyace777
...- Can't seem to find a suitable snap-in adapter for my vacuum. I'm just using a reducer adapter from Ridgid which is ok but doesn't lock in. Maybe I should tape it in place?
To stop the Great Dust Bowl of ‘39 (or whatever year it was) from happening again, TAPE IT IN PLACE!!! All it takes is about a second after the hose wiggles loose to fill a football stadium with a thick cloud of dust. The vac hose gets knocked around so often that I don’t think a “locking connector” would guarantee it from coming loose. But blue tape keeps it tightly in place.

Originally Posted by Skyace777
...Welcome suggestions and thoughts on this tool.
I have an older model of this tool...the Bosch 1773AK from several years ago and is still working well. It’s a high quality tool for occasional use. But if you decide to do larger jobs or will be using it weekly, I’d suggest getting a big 7” grinder that will come with a very heavy motor. You may also want to consider getting a “Dust Deputy” dust separator if you really want to make it easy on your vacuum.

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