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John Bridge
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New Policy in the Mud Box

For years I have resisted suggestions to censor or even do away with the Mud Box, and those suggestions have been numerous throughout that forum's 17 year history. I believe in the free marketplace of ideas, especially when it comes to political speech. Without free, open and unfettered speech a country such are ours cannot endure. We must never let government control speech or otherwise restrict it.

This website, however, is not government. It is instead a privately owned entity which includes the open forum of which the Mud Box is a part. My business partner Dave (DaveM) and I do have the right to restrict and censor what is said here. We choose, effective immediately, to forbid future discussions relating to matters of politics, religion and other social issues that seem to fester into nothing more than shouting matches and general discord.

So please, no more. If the moderators see new threads that fall within the parameters I've stated above they will delete them on the spot without offering any reason or explanation. Additionally, some of the existing Mud Box threads will be deleted or closed at our discretion. If old political threads are brought forward in the future because someone adds a reply to them the reply will be deleted and the thread closed.

We take the foregoing measures with the advice of the forum moderators with whom we have discussed the matter thoroughly. If there are any complaints they should be directed to Dave or me. Please don't blame the moderators for doing what only Dave and I are responsible for.
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