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Just finished using Fusion grout on an entryway floor. I am pleasantly impressed with the product. The consistency was just right, spread on and packed well, and cleanup was a breeze. If it wasn't for all the issues with grout haze from comparable products I think I could have been done with just one cleaning. Based on some of my past experience, asking questions, and plenty of reading on this thread, I damp sponged the floor, only did a few square feet at a time, and cleaned with a terry towel sponge. After finishing, I made one more wipe down of the tile with cool clean water. The next day showed no signs of haze except in the corners of the doorway. Those easily came off with a razor blade. I had a bottle of Nanoscrub just in case there was any major buildup. Yep, I'll definitely be using this product again.

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