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I also just finished a job where I used Quartzlock2 on a kitchen backsplash and a tub surround both in glass and a front entrance floor of polished marble. it's beautiful stuff but it left a film on the tile. It can't be buffed off but I see I can carefully scrape it. I'm in trouble with the homeowner. My supplier didn't know what to do and sold me some Blaze. I've never used it before. He sold me some scotch pads too . Will this work? If so what is the procedure, and how can I avoid the QL2 haze next time?
posted by Gary

The haze will come off with blaze and white doodle bug. Star quartz 2 comes off on some times better that others. Next time you use it it may not have haze, its hit and miss depending on the tile surface. Never had one yet that the haze wont come off and we use it every day.

Here is the link on secondary star quartz cleaning.
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