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Re-whitening dingy white hex grout

Hey all,
I'm well aware of the pitfalls of white grout, and wouldn't have chosen it. I moved into a new home this year that's in need of several big projects. On the bottom of the list though is the downstairs bathroom. I don't like the tile scheme, and would like to eventually replace it. In the meantime though, I'm trying to just take care of the dingy look of my white grout with white hex tiles. As you can see in the one picture, the shower, which was unused, still has white grout, but the rest of the floor grout has been discolored. The pictures are how it looks after two vigorous cleanings with the Aqua Mix acidic grout and tile cleaner. I used a concentrated solution, letting it dwell, scrubbing, and then vacuuming with a shop vac. It definitely helped, but still looks dirty. I'm considering trying the Aqua Mix colorant, but given how much grout there is I can't sit there with a paint brush and go over all the lines. If I'm just trying to make the floor look whiter for a couple years until I eventually replace the tile, is there anything wrong with spreading the white colorant over the whole floor and wiping it up the excess? I don't mind if the tile and grout end up the same color.

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