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Update: at this point this is the floor from hell. I was a little late in posting my last question as the refurbisher was already scheduled. This is the same company and person who worked on the floor last year so we trusted them to a th least give us the same product we received last time.

They were at our house for around 18-20 hours. Their task was to touch up the floor, touch up the backsplash and clean the counters. The backsplash originally had many of the same problems as the floor and the counters had an oily appearance to them that we were told was due to a build up of aftermarket cleaners or sealers.

After the work was done the backsplash and counters look about the same as they did, but the hazing is now in different places. The floor has an overall cloudy or greasy appearance that wasn't there before, and isn't present in the rest of the floor. We are going to try to contact them tomorrow, but does anyone else have any ideas what might have happened?
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