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Quartz slab chip repair

A tile contractor dropped my schluter shelf on the edge of my quartz slab bench midway through the job. I was assured it could be repaired, and I have personally repaired granite and know it can be. Small chip, but big enough. Work continued. They hired a stone repair guy at the very end of the job. This repair guy INSISTED he had to use a clear epoxy and could not use a pigmented one. He also said due to this being quartz, he could not polish the patch because it would ruin the quartz slab surface finish. So he smoothed it with a razor blade and left it as-is.

I can feel the edges of the patch with my finger and the color is not a match. Does not look too bad in pics, but I can see it across the room.

The contractor is willing to do whatever I want, but the glass is in and I do not want to rip out the bench and glass and risk compromising the waterproofing in the process.

I am going to grind out the crappy patch and do it myself using :

Want to know what you guys think of my plan and what you think of the repair attempt currently in place.
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