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Many Thanks

Thanks for the welcome and the input!
The acid: I used vent fan and charcoal respirator while using and rinsed well several times- recognizing that if it is the only thing that works on this build-up then it must be treated with respect and caution. You say that the acid has already damaged the grout, esp if it is cementitious....I thought all grout was cementitious. what damage do you think has been done?
Sealing: I do not know what to expect or hope for in sealing the grout except to make peace with my wife.
Photos: the white stuff I removed from the floor did not get a 'before' photo IIRC but you can see a little of it remaining in a crooked like along some rocks and in the wall grout lines. You can also see some darker parts of the grout that is the suspected mold.
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