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Yeah I've tested a few pieces. Some of them hold up pretty well and some seem cheaper. I went through and tried to select the better ones for the shower and the rest will go in other parts of the bathroom. I know sealer isn't going to prevent the tile and from coming into contact with moisture but is there a better kind to use in the shower on slate? I've read that I would likely want a penetrating or impregnating sealer with many coats on the tile. Is water based better than solvent based for shower applications? I've also read that the solvent based ones can bleed colors and stain worse than water based. Is that accurate? I see a few different options at the local hardware store including the seal and enhance, H2O plus, and impregnator sealer. I've also read that the porous plus might be a good option (although they don't seem to have that one in stock currently). Which of these would be my best bet?

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